Former employer deposited money in my 401K by accident

Option 1: Contact the company and inform them that, due to their mistake, you will need to consult with a professional (accountant, tax attorney, whatever) in order to resolve it. This professional will work out how much of this money could be returned to t

Why don't banks process money transfers more often?

Yes, banks do this because it allows for "netting". As you put it, the money that banks would send to other banks is cancelled by money that is being received. This means that less cash has to be moved. Cash that is being moved around earns no interest, so the bank

How to stop promotions from filling new "necessary" expenses

How do I stop salary promotions from being filled up with new expenses?You just do? There is nothing in the world that overrides your decisions, whether smart and stupid. So, if you geta promotion and thus more money - YOU are f

What to do w/ extra money in bank account?

Obviously I'm assuming you don't have any medium- or high-interest debt or you would already have paid it off.The only tax-advantaged accounts you mention are IRAs. What about a 401(k) or similar, or a health savings account? Does your employer offer such p

Monthly budget - deferred expenses from savings vs Income? How to manage?

I feel like I'm double counting it if I add it as income. I think you're misinterpreting deferred expenses. Let's take a simple example.Say you earn $1,000 this month and next month. Your only expense will be next month

A stock needs to have a combination of a buyer and a seller in order to exchange hands. Then how is the supply and demand created?

You have a pile of bids from people looking to buy and a pile of asking prices from people looking to sell. If they match up, a sale happens.To make this efficient, either side can put in a market order which means that you'll just get matched up with a buy

What is a Master Limited Partnership (MLP) & how is it different from plain stock?

I was hesitant to answer this question since I don't own MLP even though I'm aware of how they work. But hear crickets on this question, so here goes. I'll try to keep this as non technical as possible.MLPs are partnerships where a shareholder is a partne

US Tax return upon returning to UK

I would add to those who say "talk to an accountant" and say that if your employer is sending you abroad "talk to an accountant at your employer's expense". It is normal in these circumstances that your employer recompense you for any expenses you would not have inc

Best low-overhead ways to keep budget (factoring in my personal constraints)

I would question whether your stated goal (of strictly controlling your expenses) is really the problem you should be tackling. In my opinion, unless you're under financial hardship where you can barely make ends meet, you're much better off using a budget as a hig

How might trading volume affect future share price?

There is no direct relationship between volume and stock price. High volume indicates how much stock is changing hands. That can be because people are enthusiastically buying OR enthusiastically selling... and their reasons for doing so may not agree with your own s

Is a naked put really that risky

So, yes, you may be having the inevitable epiphany where you realize that options can synthetically replicate the same risk profile of owning stock outright. Allowing you to manipulate risk and circumvent margin requirement differences amongst asset classes.

Name of investment where capital guaranteed?

GIC perhaps? These would be quite similar to Certificates of Deposit where one is agreeing

Comparison between buying a stock and selling a naked put

Yes, of course there have been studies on this. This is no more than a question about whether the options are properly priced. (If properly priced, then your strategy will not make money on average before transaction costs and will lose once transaction costs are i

How do you decide on your risk tolerance?

Defining risk tolerance is often aided with a series of questions. Such as - You are 30 and have saved 3 years salary in your 401(k). The market drops 33% and since you are 100% S&P, you are down the same. How do you respond? (a) move to cash - I don't want to

Value of a call option spread

On expiry, with the underlying share price at $46, we have :the $45 call has an intrinsic value $1 which equates to $100 = 100 x $1.00the $40 call has an intrinsic value $6 which equates to $600 = 100 x $6.00You ask :

How can a skipped a early repayment on a specific month can affect the cost of my mortgage?

You refer to your monthly "online statements". Does these have an entry for "outstanding balance" or something similar. Does it go down by slightly more than 1000 each month when you make both a regular and extra payment?In response to your main question:

value of guaranteeing a business loan

The guarantee's value to you is whatever you have to pay to get the guarantee, assuming that you don't decide it's too expensive and look for another guarantor or another solution entirely. How much are you willing to pay for this loan, not counting interest and clo

Will my Indian debit card work in the U.S.?

Debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard symbol on them work technically everywhere where credit cards work.There are some limitations where the respective business does not accept them, for example car rentals want a credit card for potential extra charges;

Is it sensible to keep savings in a foreign currency?

Given that we live in a world rife with geopolitical risks such as Brexit and potential EU breakup, would you say it's advisable to keep some of cash savings in a foreign currency?Probably not. Primarily because you don't know

How best to grow my small amount of money starting at a young age?

(Congrats on earning/saving $3K and not wanting to blow it all on immediate gratification!) I currently have it invested in sector mutual funds but with the rise and fall of the stock market, is this really the best way to prepare long-term?

Credit score goes down substantially after paying off student loan

Assuming nothing else changed, there's a few possibilities. As @binarymax mentions, your credit utilization ratio may have dropped. You mention in the comments that you have zero debt, but if you have any credit cards the ratio is typically calculated from

Is adjusting my portfolio's distribution according to bad signals from news risky?

Markets are remarkably complex and driven by trillions of decisions made by billions of people. Furthermore, your own news sources contain biases of which you are probably unaware. You almost certainly do not have enough information to make an informed decision abou

Can I place a stock in an IRA temporarily to capture a dividend, then move it back?

I'm not sure it matters if you can do it, because it would be pointless even if you could. On average, stock prices drop by the price of the dividend once the dividend date has passed. So when you swap it back the value has changed and you end up pretty muc

Expense tracking

It's entirely up to you.Personally, assuming you are spending significantly more on food while you're on vacation because you're eating out more and consider part of being on vacation indulging in good meals, I'd categorize it as part of my vacation budget.

Formula to compare the potential earnings of buying the same stock at different prices

If you think that the stock is, on average, going to go up, then not buying it immediately represents a loss of expected value. If you don't think the stock is going up, then you shouldn't buy it at all. Stock prices are a random walk. Buying a stock right after its

Why are stock warrants sometimes sold for less than their intrinsic value?

Edit: This is not a complete answer because it does not explain why you can't buy the warrant and short the stock to get free money. The current (2020-12-06) price of CIIC is $27, while CIICW is $6.50. There is currently a large gap ($27 - 11.50 - 6

Does a traditional IRA actually save you capital gains tax?

Ordinary income tax is always at least as high as one’s cap gain rate.What you observe is actually a downside of the pretax retirement account structure. In effect, it converts potential long term gains into ordinary income.It also takes that wealth

Condo HOA/maintainence fee versus upkeeping a house

Some condo I looked at cost $700 per month in maintenance fee surelymaintaining a house is cheaper?HOA's vary wildly in terms of what they do with the money collected. Some provide pools/gyms, snow removal, landscaping, etc. Compl

Should I separate a portion of my 401k into an annuity?

Because it's being sold to you, it's scam-ishThe industry norm is "financial advisors" who dispense free advice, but are paid very hefty sales commissions when they place you in certain financial products.The reason you are being

Would allowing my company to pay me less in order to donate that money to charity lead to net increase in charitable donations?

The first thing that jumps out to me is payroll taxes. When the company pays you and you donate the money, the tax deduction for the donation offsets the income tax owed for that money; however, you're still paying payroll taxes (i.e. Social Security and Medicare ta

5/1 ARM: Lifetime cap, First Adjustment Cap, Margin, and Annual Cap?

I hope this image is clear. A spreadsheet is how I look at these things. Unfortunately, you didn't offer the starting balance so I use $100K

Are there common stock price trends related to employee option plans?

Whenever a large number of shares to be sold hit the market at the same time the expectation is that the price for each share will drop.The employees in a normal market would be expected to sell some of their shares at the first opportunity. Because during

Property Tax Deduction in Illinois After Home Sale

You sold in 2012?You paid in 2012?You take this on your 2012 tax return, as you are a cash basis individual. Especially for the fact that by closing in 2012, everything should be reconciled in that year, nothing that I am aware of would carry into

Should I invest in real estate to rent, real estate to live in, or just stocks and bonds to earn 10-15%?

You are in your mid 30's and have 250,000 to put aside for investments- that is a fantastic position to be in.First, let's evaluate all the options you listed.Option 1 I could buy two studio apartments in the

How to decide on split between large/mid/small cap on 401(k) and how often rebalance

I really like keshlam's answer. Your age is also a consideration. If you make your own target fund by matching the allocations of whatever Vanguard offers, I'd suggest re-balancing every year or every other year. But if you're just going to match the allocations of

Higher returns from international markets?

I went to Morningstar's "Performance" page for FUSEX (Fideltiy's S&P 500 index fund) and used the "compare" tool to compare it with FOSFX and FWWFX, as well as

Pay off car or use money for down payment

Break the transactions into parts.Go to your bank or credit union and get a loan commitment. Whenapplying for loan get the maximum amount they will let you borrowassuming that you will no longer own the first car.Take the car to

Roth vs. Whole Insurance vs. Cash

Cash/CD's for a house downpayment = Good. Resist the urge to invest this money unless you're not planning on the house for at least 5 years.Roth IRA - Good. Amounts contributed are able to be withdrawn without tax penalties

Is this a realistic plan for living on a weekly paycheck?

I have, rarely, gotten paid weekly. However almost all of my jobs paid me every two weeks. But I think my lessons learned will apply. What I would do is budget as if every month only contained four weeks. In my case, that meant dividing my expenses into two

Personal credit card for business expenses

Early on, one might not be able to get credit for their business. For convenience, and the card perks, it makes sense to use the personal card. But for sake of a clean paper trail, I'd choose 1 card and use it exclusively, 100% for the business. Not one card here, o

Why is tax loss harvesting helpful for passive investing?

The harvested losses are capital losses. See this IRS page:Generally, realized capital losses are first offset against realiz

Do market shares exhaust?

As @ApplePie pointed out in their answer, at any given time there is a finite amount of stock available in a company.One subtlety you may be missing is that there is always a price associated with an offer to buy shares. That is, you don't put in an order s

Best loan/expenses to pay off to increase credit rating?

Let's start by looking at the factors involved in your credit score:

If I buy and sell a zero commission stock, would I lose any money?

Take note, Robinhood also uses a fuzzy pricing model. The quote you see and purchase the stock at is not necessarily what the market has on its books at that exact moment. Robinhood can opt to buy/sell you the shares at a slight premium to actual market value. They

How important is the "1% rule" for income properties?

I use a different rule. If market value is less than 10 times one year earnings, then it is a great rental market. If the market value is between 10-20 times one year earnings, then it is a reasonable proposition, but if the market value is greater than 20 times ann

New to Roth IRA. Where is the best place to get one where I can trade with that account?

Roth IRA contributions can be made for 2017 up until April 17th, 2018.Roth IRA contributions aren't used as credits since you are depositing post-tax funds. I think you mean to take advantage of your IRA contribution yearly limit, which is $5,500 for an ind

Investing on a low budget

Most brokers charge a commission so your purchase of 3 shares of TSLA @ $320 each will leave you with a bit less than $40 remaining from your $1,000. Regarding your question, you cannot go into "negative balance" (U.S.) unless you have a margin account.

Frequently Moving Money Between Checking and Savings

australiaThe approach looks fine, given your objectives. If you do your bills on a weekly basis and transfer the week’s total at one go from the savings a

What do option contracts look like?

There is a document titled Characteristics and Risks of Stan

Mortgage broker vs bank mortgage for home buying

One is not always better than the other. I refinanced in the last few years, and I shopped around with different brokers (online and local) and banks. I found both brokers and banks that were very sketchy in regard to their fees, which was the main differentiating p

Is day trading still profitable in 2020?

Investors who profit from trading second-by-second or even minute-by-minute are likely market-makers who buy at the Bid and sell at the Ask. Mostly this is just order filling and response to Depth-of-Market.Investors who trade longer time periods, within th

Buy Stock and immediately sell a call

First, a small correction in terminology. In a covered call you sell a short call not a long call.Dividends do not boost profits because the stock exchanges reduce share price by the amount of the dividend on the ex-dividend date. You could go so far as to

How can an Indian citizen get exposure to global markets?

You can invest upto $200K per year abroad, and yes, you can buy Google as a stock. Consider opening an international account with a broker like interactive brokers ( which allows you to fund the account from your local Indian account, an

How to locate a land survey for my house?

There is no universal "official keeper of surveys" because home surveys are not always mandatory. Some local agencies might conduct surveys on request, so it's useful to research and find out. I'd suggest you speak with your buyer and explain that your area

Can one use dollar cost averaging to make money with something highly volatile?

As you mentioned in the title, what you're asking about comes down to volatility. DCA when purchasing stock is one way of dealing with volatility, but it's only profitable if the

Can a debt collector deny a consolidation?

They have no saying about the consolidation (unless they're the ones consolidating). From their perspective they're going to be paid off. I can't imagine why would they care as to how you're going to pay them off, unless they want to rack up fees an

Can the risk of investing in an asset be different for different investors?

The other example I'd offer is the case for diversification. If one buys 10 well chosen stocks, i.e. stocks spread across different industries so their correlation to one another is low, they will have lower risk than each of the 10 folk who own one of those stocks

Capital gains on no-dividend stocks - a theoretical question

Stock prices are set by the market - supply and demand. See Apple for example, which is exactly the company you described: tons of earnings, zero dividends.The stock price goes up and down depending on what happens with the company and how investors feel ab

Relation between inflation rates and interest rates

Possibly but not necessarily, though that can happen if one looks at the US interest rates in the late 1970s which did end with really high rates in the early 1980

Should I pay half a large balance this month before I get my CC statement?

Utilization is near real-time. What that means is that what is reported is what is taken in terms of debt-to-income (DTI) ratios. When a mortgage broker pulls your credit, they will pull the latest balances with the minimum payments. This is what is taken to determi