Family of 4 (1 adult, 3 kids) dealing with eviction. How to find a new place to live?

You can dial 2-1-1 or go to to find out about programs that can help you find affordable housing in your area. Never underestimate the value of a decent trailer park. No joke

Refinancing student loans in the context of an impending recession

It's hard to stay out of speculative investing, but given the potential for a downturn in 401k/IRA accounts, should I funnel what percentage of my liquid cash should I be investing in my student loans?How about all of it? You're

How to evaluate performance of investment when principal amount fluctuates drastically throughout the year?

Here is a good discussion of this problem. The key is to be clear on what you are trying to measure. To evaluate

2020 election and the stock market

Deciding when to buy and sell based on market conditions is called "Timing the market". It's a 4-letter word in the broker business. We'll come back to that. The President, via the Fed, absolutely is capable of pumping up the economy and c

What are tax implications of being long and short stock at the same time?

Entering a short position that offsets an existing long position is called shorting against the box. Since 1997, the US tax code has considered this as a

Sometimes the Time & Sales shows trades in between the bid and the ask. How is that possible?

Your two scenarios make sense. You didn't specify the security so I'll toss a third one out which applies to options. I'm looking to roll a somewhat deep ITM long put down a strike for a credit of $4. The B/A spread on each side is quite wide so I place

fundamental analysis: the importance of revenue vs. net income

It depends on how they cut costs so dramatically. If they fired half of their workforce, for example, but were able to fulfill most of their existing sales, then their future could be severely limited. Or if their expenses last year were unusually high due

Does S&P 500 average 10% with or without dividends

It's including dividends (and assuming immediate reinvestments)Note that that's a long-term average - there could (and were) much lower years , sometimes many of them in sequence.Not also that just because it did so

If the put is more expensive than the call, what does it mean

There are many reasons. Here are just some possibilities:The stock has a lot of negative sentiment and puts are being "bid up".The stock fell at the close and the options reflect that.The puts closed on the offer a

How to save money for future expenses

First, talk to your husband about this. You really need to persuade him that you need to be saving, and get him to agree on how and how much.Second, if you husband is not good at saving, work on getting something set aside automatically - ideally deducted f

I am not VAT registered. Do I need to buy from my supplier with excl VAT prices or incl VAT?

It's quite common for VAT-registered businesses to quote ex-VAT prices for supply to other businesses. However you're right that when you make an order you will be invoiced and ultimately have to pay the VAT-inclusive price, assuming your supplier is VAT registered

How liquid is options market?

The liquidity is quite bad. I have seen open Intrest drop from thousands to zero. Theta and the lack of liquidity are strong reasons not to buy options. Instead, consider selling them. They say that most Option purchases expire worthless. Why is th

Investment strategy for a 20 year old with about 30k in bank account

Thank you for your service. My first suggestion since your car is a planned for the near future is keep that amount in savings and just pay cash. There are plenty of attractive offers to entice you to finance your vehicle but there really is no compelling r

How do these credit score numbers add up?

Every credit bureau has their own formula for determining what your score is, as well as every bank. Most likely Credit Karma and American Express are using different calculations for coming up with the score. Getting a positive credit rating is simple

Buying back a covered Call

Your three options are:Buy back the calls but keep the stock, taking a net 5K loss (plus a 15K unrealized gain on the stock),Buy back the calls and sell the stock, for a net 10K gain, orLet the options settle, netting a 10K gain.

Clothing Store Credit Card Account closed but not deleted

You have little chance of getting it deleted. I have the same situation, I closed mine in 2006, and the login still works.Keep the paperwork that you closed it (or print a PDF of the site showing so), and forget about it. If someone is trying to cheat, re-o

Credit card closed. Effect on credit score (USA)

There are two factors in your credit score that may be affected.The first is payment history. Lenders like to see that you pay your bills, which is the most straightforward part of credit scores IMO. If you've actually been paying your bills on time, though

Robin Hood app as a highschooler

Whether you have $100 or $1 Million, the earlier you start investing, the better. That said, if I were your parent I would add the following conditions:Make sure you have college expenses covered (if you plan on going to college), either through colle

How to reconcile loan statements when balance doesn't add up

There are two moving parts, month-to-month:interest on the loan: increases the balance; andpayment: decreases the balance.Consider entering these separately.If you set up the loan account via Gnucash's Educatio

How to withdraw cash from a credit card if the cash advance limit has been reached

Regardless what's the status of your credit card, you can also terminate your bank account. Your bank will transfer the remaining funds. If you live outside Europe (outside the SEPA zone to be precise), a handling fee might apply. I event

Is it still hawala if the money is transferred via bank at the destination?

Normally it is completely legal for your family to send you money from their country directly to you in the US. (Are you in a country that doesn't have a banking relationship with the US?) They can do this in a variety of ways, all of which probably have a nominal f

Locking in rates during yield curve inversion

the coupons from the longer term bonds will still have to be reinvested at current market ratesThe interest earned from reinvestment of the original bond's interest is a second-order effect. It is dwarfed by the first-o

Mother wants me to "be a consultant" for her as way to save on income tax

In reality, I do help her every now and then with various bits (specific to her work, e.g.: translation, graphic design, software tutorials) but I would not think of it as consulting...But you are

Impact of Spending Cash/Debit vs Credit Card on Debt to Income Ratio

If you're thinking of buying a home, don't use your rent in the calculation. Use the expected mortgage payment (plus PMI, insurance and taxes).Also, while the $2000 is a debt, the bank only looks at the minimum payment (wh

How Should I invest $20K?

If you don't expect to need the money for the next 30+ years, the best thing you can do is invest in the stock market.The return on investment for CDs is abysmal. They're only a good choice if you need absolute certainty that your investment won't lo

Pensions and personal circumstances, assessment and alternatives

Depends on the kind of pension you're talking about. Common UK pensions aremoney purchase. You put money towards a pension and once you hit a certain age (usually 55) you can spend it as you wish, although you'll pay salary. You're

Schedule to sell a stock when it reaches a higher price (though not guarantee to sell it at that price)

Limit orders are executed only if the market price reaches the limit price or goes higher. It is a little more complicated in fast moving markets, which you can read about here,

How to trade large number of shares?

I think if you are only trading stocks with average volume greater than 1M you should not have any trouble entering a 10,000 size trade. If you are you can try a couple of things:Change your order from a market order to a limit order, however this

I file 83(b) election, but did't include a copy of it in that year’s tax return

I've consulted with 5-6 accountants and people who've had the issue before. The advice I received boils down to:"If you do not attach your 83b with your personal tax return it is not effective. However you can still correct the requirement to file it along

Tax on Stocks or ETF's

If you sell a stock, with no distributions, then your gain is taxable under §1001. But not all realized gains will be recognized as taxable. And some gains which are arguably not realized,

Will canceling one of my CapOne credit cards hurt my credit score?

Don't cancel a card then apply for a new one from the same place. Ask The bank if you can switch to a different card program. If you are a good customer they will do so willingly. It keeps your account as an active customer.I have noticed that in the last f

Buy securities at another stock exchange

In a simple statement, no doesn't matter. Checked on my trade portal, everything lines up. Same ISIN, same price(after factoring in FX conversions, if you were thinking about arbitrage those days are long gone). But a unusual phenomenon I have observed is,

What is the best credit card for someone with no credit history

If you've never had a credit card before a likely reason can be due to lack of credit history. You can apply for a department store card. Nordstroms, Macy's, Target will often grant a small line of credit even with no history. Target would be my first attempt as the

Do Options take Dividend into account?

No can't make quick bucks. It depends very much on what the strike price was. Dividends which are below 10% of the market value of the underlying stock, would be deemed to be ordinary dividends and no adjustment in the Strike Price would b

If I believe a stock is going to fall, what options do I have to invest on this?

Aganju has mentioned put options, which are one good possibility.I would suggest considering an even easier strategy: short selling. Technically you are borrowing the stock from someone and selling it. At some point you repurchase the sto

Is buying a home a good idea?

IF the price of the property (1) increases A LOT,you will just break even, on the huge expenses of home owning.IF the price of the property (2) increases A HUGE AMOUNT,you will make lots

What should I do with the 50k I have sitting in a European bank?

As always with investments, it depends on your risk adversity. I don't want to repeat the content of hundreds of recommendations here, so just the nutshell:(For qualified investments,) the more risk you are willing to take, the more returns

Which dividend bearing stock should be chosen by price?

Don't ever quantify a stock's preference/performance just based on the dividend it is paying outVolatility defined by movements in the the stock's price, affected by factors embedded in the stock e.g. the corporation, the business it is in,

Borrow from 401k for down payment on rental property?

the most important information that you provided was "I'm 25 years old". You have a few years to save for a rental property. Taking a loan against your 401k only invites a lot of paperwork and a good deal of risk. Not only the "if I lose my job I have to pay it back

Trading Options (Call on Robinhood App)

You profit because the value of the contract will increase with increase in price of the underlying asset (a share in this case) and you sell the contract before you have to actually execute it.Immediate Pricing AnalysisLet's exami

How can intraday trading be done when settlement takes two days?

T+2 refers to the two day time limit for the exchange of cash and shares between the buyer and the seller. When you buy the stock, you own it. You can sell your shares any time you want but you must wait until settlement to use the cash proceeds for anoth

Is it possible/easy to get some rare banknotes and/or coins that worth more than the face value?

Is it possible?Yes. Banks don't always pull old coins or notes from circulation. (Notes are pulled based on condition, so most notes that are old enough to have any collectible value have already been pulled and

As a trader, why would you trade forex or options/futures instead of stocks?

I dabbled in futures a long time ago so I'll limit my chatter to options, which I have utilized for 30+ years. It's impossible to answer your question succinctly because there are a myriad of ways to trade options. You can be long or short. You can gambl

Number of shares

There are variations but the general process is that a company that wants to go public hires an investment bank to handle the IPO. If it's going to be a large IPO, more than one investment bank may be involved and they are called the 'syndicate' with one or more b

What are some rule of thumb criteria to choose loans?

Depending on the type of loan there may be features that are not as common as for, say, a mortgage. Some things that come to mind:Fixed vs Variable rateLength (term) of loanClosing costs (although this is incorporated in the APR)

Selling large number of stocks at once

You can put a "all or none" clause in your order so that all of the shares have to be sold or none of them are. Of course, this may make it harder to sell them and you may not get the best price for the lot, since you'll need to wait for a buy ord

Buying and selling LEAP options

I understand what you're asking for (you want to write options ON call options... essentially the second derivative of the underlying security), and I've never heard of it.That's not to say it doesn't exist (I'm sure some investment banker has cooked someth

Covered call when stock position is at a loss

It's unclear what you're asking. When I originally read your question, it seemed that you had closed out one options position and opened another. When I read your question the second time, it seemed that you were writing a second option while the first was still

What is the best use of "spare" money?

For the really long term (retirement), maxing out your 401k is a good idea, but that money would not be available to you at favorable conditions before you actually retire, so doesn't fit your requirements.Generally, the best balance between risk and

Landlord retracts email offer of lease (Michigan, USA): What recourse do I have?

So, to recap: You were offered a lease, you did not sign it, the landlord retracted the offer.I'd be surprised if you have any recourse, other than reclaiming your deposit. IANAL, but I have read many times that oral contracts are just a

Is it smart to only invest in mid- and small-cap stock equity funds in my 401(k)?

If the stock market dropped 30%-40% next month, providing you with a rare opportunity to buy stocks at a deep discount, wouldn't you want to have some of your assets in investments other than stocks?If you don't otherwise have piles of new cash to

Learning investing and the stock market

It is great that you want to learn more about the Stock Market. I'm curious about the quantitative side of analyzing stocks and other financial instruments. Does anyone have a recommendation where should I start? Which books should I read, or

How to negotiate cheaper car insurance?

Unless you are with a specialist short-term insurance company, buying a new policy every month, you will not actually be paying the insurance monthly.Instead, you will have taken out a one year policy, paid for by a credit agreement. You are now repaying t

Should I switch to a new IRA custodian?

There is a LOT of shuffling going on in the financial services industry. I would not immediately say your advisor is acting in bad faith. The DOL fiduciary changes are quite significant for some brokers. Investment Advisors who are fee-based have less of an impact s

Payment plan with bank or negotiate with collection agency?

Once the debt is sold to a collection agency, you may have to deal with them. It's likely the bank will give the collector full power to collect the debt, and will write off the debt completely from their books. If you do negotiate with the bank

Can you fully deduct an investment property owned by an LLC?

A property/house is not considered an expense, it's an asset, so you don't deduct the purchase price. The expenses that you deduct would be the cost to upgrade/repair, interest (if financing), cost to buy/sell (realtor fees), depreciation, etc. You are taxed on your

Why do credit cards offer insurance but not advertise it?

In my opinion, people are simply more attracted to ''numbers''. So when they see an add with 2% cash back, they think : Oh wow, I'll get more cash in my pocket at the end of the month.In fact, promoting cas

Easy way to measure how inflation affects me

So I am a little bit nervous to answer this question. But to do it you might have to do what I do. But its not particularly going to help you in your discussion mentioned above.Inflation is different for everyone. Its an aggregate. So I have bee

Do swing traders look at fundamentals?

It really depends. Every type of trader has their strategy.When I swing trade stocks, the technicals are what get me interested. I have to see a nice setup with favorable risk/reward.If the technical setup isn't there, I won't place the trade.

Is high return and low risk possible?

One situation where this is possible is when you purchase an asset well below market value. If you have deep knowledge of a niche area and are willing to invest time searching for value, this isn't that hard, but it requires effort.I've done this for years