Distribution of Estate Assets

Just add it all up. The assets in the estate are worth $105,000. Splitting that equally means that each beneficiary gets $52,500. The one who gets the car gets a car worth $5000 and the rest in cash, $47,500. The other one gets all cash, $52,500.

Are there any non-decreasing securities on the stock market?

There are none that I am aware of that never drop in value. There are investments that are virtually risk free, like US government bonds, but those are only risk free if you hold them to maturity, meaning you are guaranteed to get your mo

How do owners of one home make money on the sell-and-buy process?

In the scenario you describe your conclusions are correct and they really don't. A primary residence is a liability as much as an investment. If you include the costs of a mortgage and ongoing maintenance into your calculations the returns get even worse.T

Previous home owner wants to buy back the house

I assume you hadn't put the house on the market, since you don't have an asking price. Do you even want to move? There is no reason you have to entertain offers.If you are interested in selling, the benchmark would be current market value. This does not nece

How can I stop a merchant from charging a credit card processing fee?

You can report the violation to the payment network (i.e., Mastercard or Visa). For instance here is a report form for Visa and

By accident I gave a check cashing place a voided check. How can I fix this?

The store wants their money back. It's understandable that they are hesitant to accept another check from you. So if you don't have the cash to pay them back, take your good check somewhere else to cash it, and use that money to pay back the store that you

Why are taxes so complicated if they really want to be paid?

Most governments use taxes not only to collect revenue but also to encourage/discourage certain behaviors and redistribute wealth.For example, in the US the bottom 50% by adjusted gross income paid about 3% of the total federal income tax. The top 1% paid ab

Mortgage Refinance

No.The longer answer is that you are handing a banker 10K, which goes into his pocket and to pay for the refinancing expenses. Then in a few months you will be selling the house. The purpose of the 15 year loan is to pay it off faster. In your situ

Why would a bank not "buy a house for me" if they own the house until I've paid it anyway?

Simple answer, they are in the banking business not the landlording business. The same reason a coffee shop won't sell you a car even if there was some scheme where it benefitted them. You are underestimating the costs and risks to the b

Sugar Daddy/Bank Help

Yes, it's a scam.My guess would be that the person you're talking to is going to give you the bank account information from a different person that he scammed (probably someone that fell for his initial suggestion). You buy a gift card (no charity needs a

Why are people still investing in stocks or indexes which are obviously overbought?

What about that graph today is different from that graph would have been 6 months ago? People 6 months ago bought thinking it would still go up, and it has. That's why people are buying today. That's what you asked. They may be right, they may be wrong, but that's w

Why do people who sell something on a marketplace ever allow the price to go down?

Because what if nobody wants to buy at that price any more?When the buy price and the sale price meet, a transaction happens, and those prices are removed from the market. That means there's always a gap between the highest buy price and the lowest sell pric

Offer to send me 5000 and then send 4000 to his daughter. I think this is a scam. Is it?

Yes, it is a scam. The $5000 deposit to your account will bounce and you will be out whatever you sent. Also, no one should ask for your password. That has got to be one of the scammiest scams that has ever scammed. Do not continue inter

IRR vs. Interest Rates

Yes, if your IRR is 5% per annum after three years then the total return (I prefer total rather than your use of actual) over those three years is

I've got $100K to invest over the next 2 to 7 years. What are some good options?

Given your timeframe, risk tolerance, and the fact that you don't need this money, I would suggest a balanced approach. Something like:~35% in an index fund~65% in CDs/money market fund - something liquid and FDIC insured

How to report Canadian T4 slip items (e.g. CPP, EI) on a U.S. tax return?

Here is a partial answer. (By "partial" I mean that the answer relies on IRS publications, so it might be overruled by something buried in the US-Canada tax treaty. Does anyone have a good handle on the treaty?)It appears that the Employment Insurance is

Small capital investment in Germany

If you ant 100% capital protection over such a short time, a time deposit will do that and give you a slightly higher interest than a savings account. Do shop around between banks to find the best rate, and for one that allows you to add the cash you save up. Look h

Long term investment for money

I'd open the Roth IRA account and fund for 2015 and 2016. For the very long term, I'd learn about index funds, specifically a low cost S&P mutual fund or ETF. I know of no way to answer your question without 'spamming' a particular i

How to invest in a currency increasing in value relative to another?

What you're looking for are either FX Forwards or FX Futures. These products are traded differently but they are basically the same thing -- agreements to deliver currency at a defined exchange rate at a future time. Almost every large venue or bank will

What is this strategy

Assume the stock is $1 to start. Account A is long 1 share, and Account B is short 1 share.If the stock goes up to $20, Account A is worth $20, and Account B is worth -$19. Note that it is actually possible to owe money on short investments (in fact, you

Efficient market hypothesis

The answer to your question is yes, under the efficient market hypothesis, stock prices reflect everything known by traders about the growth prospects of the firm. There are various versions of the EMH but they all say you can't consistently

When trading put options, is your total risk decreased if you are in a position to exercise the option?

The risk situation of the put option is the same whether you own the stock or not. You risk $5 and stand to gain 0 to $250 in the period before expiration (say $50 if the stock reaches $200 and you sell). Holding the stock or not changes nothing about tha

Can anyone in India get a credit card?

Anyone can apply for a credit card, however not everyone is granted a credit card. For the Bank to issue you a credit card, they need an assurance that you will be able to repay. Each bank has different norms apart from credit score, they also see your sou

How much will I pay in agent's fees or commissions to rent a house in Boston metro suburbs?

Apartment and homeowners who list with an agent usually are the ones that pay them the fee. Fees are not standardized, but negotiated. It's typical to see a month's rent as the fee, and if it's listed on MLS, the other agent is likely to get 1/2 of that. The tenant

Income tax return for 2013 in Germany - how to?

You don't have to hire a tax consultant, there is a number of companies who sell software (installable or web-based) that helps you do it by asking for all relevant data interview-style. These typically cost between 15 and 25 EUR. I'm not sure whether any of them ar

Taxation of income from working abroad within the EU

Every country has its own tax code. Consult a professional in each country regarding income earned in that country.Anything else is speculation. I cannot speak for the specific jurisdictions but you will generally pay income tax

Does it make sense to contribute extra payments to European state pension funds, considering the projected birth rates?

Looking at the web site you linked, it appears that it is talking about various forms of individual saving, investment or pension plans. In other words, not really paying more to your state pension per se, but rather some kind of separate pension plan to su

life insurance proceeds to creditor

If a person owes someone money, he can be sued for it, and forced to pay via court order.It is completely irrelevant who that person owes money to (here: a not specified 'estate'), and irrelevant what source they get money from (here: life insurance payout)

Call vs Puts: a short position can profit using both depending on strike price?

So you are asking if you buy a call option for a stock whose price is currently $50 but the call allows you to pay $40 for it, can you make a profit if the price falls? It is theoretically possible but impractical. If the stock price is currently $50, the

Credentials to discern "Sell to Open" or "Buy to Open" Option Transaction

... what explicit credentials/platforms you would need to have in order to know that an option transaction, that has both a buyer and seller, was buyer or seller initiated? For all option trades,

Do "authorized user" credit cards contribute to establishing credit in the eyes of a credit card issuer?

To answer your question, yes. A joint credit card does show up in your credit report and does contribute to your credit score. This is because you are liable for the balance of that card and are responsible for ensuring it

If a person comes across insider information, how can they share their knowledge so that they could trade the stock in question?

You mention Martha Stewart, but she didn't get the information from her broker, she got the information from the head of the company. A service many brokers provide is investment advice. You know that even an honest broker doesn't know with 100% certainty t

Calculating relative performance of a short trade

Who cares what the index (or anything else) returned. If your trade earns 20% you earned 20%. What you could have earned with a different trade is a separate issue.There isn’t much point to comparing a long trade, buying the index, to a short trade, shorti

straddle option to profit in the wild market

You did not trade a straddle, you traded a synthetic long stock. When the price of the underlying stock goes down, both the long call and the short put lose value, so you effectively track the price of the stock (modulo any slight loss due to bid/ask spread

What prevents me from being diluted out as a shareholder?

The only way you can "protect yourself" is by voting against any share dilution plans at the annual general meeting. But everyone else there has votes as well, and there is every chance you will be out-voted.It's a commercial decision whether or n

What amount of money do car hire companies lock on your credit card account when hiring a car?

It will depend on credit they are offering you during the period being covered. A gas station locks up what they expect is the maximum transaction for most people. When the prices of gas spikes some people have the pump turn off before the tank is filled, therefore

Problems with Enterprise Value and better valuation techniques

This is a tough question SFun28. Let's try and debug the metric.First, let's expand upon the notion share price is determined in an efficient market where prospective buyers and sellers have access to info on an enterprises' cash balance and they may weigh

Best way to find a no-surcharge ATM in my area?

If you use a credit union, I look for the co-op network credit union ATMs. Wide network of fee-free ATMs: http://co-opcreditunions.org/locator/?ref=co-opatm.org&sc=1

How can I ensure that a CD sold by a brokerage is FDIC protected?

I would say "yes" to your question. CD's purchased from a bank on your behalf by your broker will be FDIC insured and safe. However, be aware that no one is examining the broker except you to ensure that each CD is actually purchased from an FDIC insured bank. Do

What to think of two at the money call options with different strike prices and premiums?

As other uses have pointed out, your example is unusual in that is does not include any time value or volatility value in the quoted premiums, the premiums you quote are only intrinsic values. For well in-the-money options, the intrinsic value will certainly be the

Property tax rate disconnect

I expect that the rate calculation for less than 1% is using official posted rates or an average of all of the buildings, both residential and commercial, in the county.You could just go to the Santa Clara County Office of the Tax Collector and look at prop

Consumer Loans vs Mortgages

I went here: Consumer Loan Law.It seems that a consumer loan is anything other than a business loan or mortgage. However, in California it seems to include a mortgage.It'

Shorting Stocks And Margin Account Minimum

And what exactly do I profit from the short? I understand it is the difference in the value of the stock. So if my initial investment was $4000 (200 * $20) and I bought it at $3800 (200 * $19) I profit from the difference, which is $200. Do I also rec

Paying property taxes at refinance closing

Must not be a law about it. I was able to push back on the mortgage broker, who told me he received special dispensation from the title company to not collect the taxes up front. If there had been a law to quote, I'm sure they would have enforced it.

Should I get a Doctor's mortgage or a 15 or 30 year conventional mortgage?

In your case it's all going to come down to the rates and how long you expect to live in the new house:With a conventional loan you can put as little as 3% down. Then you have the option of PMI or a higher interest rate. If you choose the lower rate w

Having a separate bank account for business/investing, but not a "business account?"

Having a separate checking account for the business makes sense. It simplifies documenting your income/expenses. You can "explain" every dollar entering and exiting the account without having to remember that some of them were for non-business items. My credit union

Is it wise to invest money in NPS in India for tax saving

Does anyone know is it wise to invest money in NPS for tax saving ?This is primarily opinion based. NPS is efficient retirement plan, allows to invest into Index equities with almost NIL expense ratios. The additional tax breaks

Moving my Roth IRA to a different Roth IRA custodian

There will be no tax implications of doing a ROTH IRA transfer from one custodian (Vanguard) to another (Fidelity). You will simply go to the institution that you are transferring to and fill out the appropriate paperwork or online form. Fidelity (in your case) will

Do my stock earnings from selling stock get double taxed from short term gains and then from my 1040 tax filing?

Say I bought XYZ stock at 100 and it went to 1100. My profit is $1000. I read that the $1000 profit is seen as a "short term gain" There is no taxable gain just because the stock price increased. You have to actually sell the st

I (21M) make decent money for my age. What are the best financial moves for my situation?

$10k with your expenses (1,400) is 7 months... enough savings for a software engineer - because that's a transferable skill.If your take home pay (after taxes and expenses) is 3,600 and your expenses are $1,400 you have $2,200/month extra. Give so

Should I reduce my 401k contribution to pay of car/house payments earlier?

Critical issue, is the mortgage paid down to the point where you are NOT paying the (#@$@!!##) "PMI"?If not, I would do everything humanly possible to pay down the mortgage to where you can eliminate the PMI, and eliminate the PMI.If

Is there a standardized time-limit for disputing credit card charges?

There is a document the describes this. You need to review the terms and conditions for that particular credit card. It could also be called the cardmember agreement.The protections could even depend on the state you live in, because some states have stronge

Why hasn't public key encryption or one time password been introduced to battle online card fraud?

The concept you are describing is generally known as "two-factor authentication". The theory, and potential benefits, are obvious; someone wishing to use your card has to have not only the card, but access to your mobile device. I can think of several potential prob

What's the difference between Buy and Sell price on the stock exchange

The same as when you are buying a car. If a dealer quotes 10k and you quote 8k. 8k is the buy price and 10k is the sell price. Somebody might quote 8.5k and another dealer might quote 9.5k. The the new price that you see on your screen is 8.5k(Best buy price) and 9

Is there a CD that allows additional contributions?

With a "normal" CD you can't, but some banks do seem to offer CDs where you can. For instance the "variable-rate CD" at USAA allows ongoing deposits. I also found a United Bank

American opportunity credit with foreign country education

I would say you are ineligible for the American Opportunity credit, but are eligible for Lifetime Learning Credit. To be eligible for American Opportunity credit, the following need to be true (from IRS Pub 970): "As of the beginning of 2014,

Is it possible to improve stock purchase with limit orders accounting for volatility?

Short answer:If you can afford the cost and risk of 100 shares of stock, then just sell a put option. If you can only afford a few shares, you can still use the information the options market is trying to give you -- see below.Why:A stan

Strategy for investing large amount of cash

Dollar Cost Averaging would be the likely balanced approach that I'd take. Depending on the size of the sum, I'd likely consider a minimum of 3 and at most 12 points to invest t

Why buy a vertical spread if I could instead buy a naked call?

Figured it out. Vertical spreads significantly reduce the amount of "buying power" on the account needed vs. buying / selling pure calls / puts. So even though the transaction fees may more double in some instances, it may be worth it in order to operate with pric

Finding the most profitable strategy in hindsight

Get a list of every stock that was being traded during the time period, and how much each went up or down every day. Find the one whose value went up the most each day. Say ABC Company went up the most on day 1, DEF Inc went up the most on day 2, etc. If you had spe