Is it better to buy this used car from Craigslist or from a dealership?

I do not think you are missing much. One thing you have right is low cost cars depreciate almost nothing. One thing you are missing is your satisfaction index. Driving a 200K car for 4 years requires a bit of motivation when your friends are driving new cars. Ty

How to correctly budget my salary

Make a list of all your expenses. I use an Excel spreadsheet but you can do it on the back of a napkin if you prefer.List fixed expenses, like rent, loan payments, insurance, etc.I include giving to church and charity as fixed expenses, but of cour

How do I figure out who issued a credit card from just the first 4 digits?

The first six digits of the card are known as the BIN (or IIN). They can be used to identify who issued the card, and sometimes what type of card it is. This lookup service would help, but it requires

Can I borrow stock from my IRA?

No. You don't own the shares, a trustee does. You are the beneficiary. While there is little conceptual difference between borrowing cash from an IRA or borrowing shares from an IRA from the perspective of a beneficiary, there is from the trustee's perspective.

Why does the price of the basic (Bull 1x) index ETF fluctuate intra-day?

ETFs trade on stock exchanges throughout the day. This is one of the ways they differ from traditional mutual funds. It is good for liquidity as ETFs can be used by both speculators (e.g., day traders) and long-term investors. The fact that they trade throughout the

Why does buying at market prices (ala index funds) automatically equal to the average investor?

This is a graphic from the Vanguard article @timday referenced.The article itself uses the

AI based penny stock predictor

"Penny stocks" and "long term investing" are contradictions in terms.Be that as it may... I'll make explicit what I wrote before, if you market it properly, people will flood you with money. The world can't beat a path to your door if they don't know your d

When and how would a company make money by taking $1 out of my paycheck and donating it to charity?

When it comes to making financial changes to reduce tax liability, there's (usually) no free lunch. You generally can't save money on taxes without directly or indirectly incurring costs or losing money elsewhere. There are lots of ways to shift things, but not many

Does knowing how much 1 USD was worth in two currencies for a given date mean I can know how much they were worth in relation to each other?

Does that mean that I can calculate how much 1 NOK was worth in MXN on that date?Yes, at least approximately. It's simply the ratio of the two. On that day you can use 9.4015 MXN to buy 1 dollar and use that dollar to buy 7.9640 NO

Why can't you get a loan against your IRA?

If you start a business or you may have one already and you have no employees, you can roll your IRA funds over to a Solo 401(k). You and your wife can contribute

What's stopping me "day-trade" mutual funds?

On the surface there is very little downside. Most people prefer to do this short term trading with stocks or ETFs rather then mutual funds as transactions are immediate, where with mutual funds you trade at day's end. In fact many prefer options as the example 12

What is the benefit of buying a share

Hence to even recover what I have invested it takes me 4 YearsThis is a critical flaw in your reasoning. You are treating the purchase of stock as a "cost" that you have to recover. But if you spend $1,000 on 100 shares o

Considering investing money intended for charitable donations in buying a rental property. Can I realistically make the rental a non profit?

The first thing to remember: Just because something is a nonprofit or a not-for profit doesn't mean it is a charity. A Credit Union is a non-profit, but it isn't a charity.That property could be setup as charity if the property was being used to house home

What is a reasonable return on investing a lump sum equal in value an American suburban house?

It's hard to go wrong with the Bogleheads Three-Fund Portfolio.A three-fund portfolio is a portfolio which uses only basic asset classes — usually a dom

How do you read a Total Returns chart?

First, a few warnings (so that you know what to do if you decide to use in the future the series in the graph you have shared):The series in the graph is actually called "Nikkei 225 Total Return Index", not "Nikkei 225 Total

Does investing more money into stocks increase chances of profit?

I think you are mixing up the likelihood of making a profit with the amount of profit.The likelyhood of profit will be the same, because if you buy $100 worth of shares and the price moves up you will make a profit. If you instead bought $1000 worth of the

How can I diversify $7k across ETFs and stocks?

You don't really have a lot of money, and that isn't a criticism as much as that you are limited to diversification. For example, I would estimate you can only have one or two stocks for a buy-write scheme. Secondly you may be only to buy one fund with a high mini

Is it possible to sell a stock at a higher value than the market price?

You can ask for 305rs, but as long as shares are available at lower prices you won't sell. Only when your ask becomes the lowest available price will someone buy from you.See many past questions about how buyers and sellers are matched by the market.

Selling To Close

Yes, if there is liquidity you can sell your option to someone else as a profit. This is what the majority of option trading volume is used for: speculative trading with leverage. Absolutely. There is no requirement that an option be in-

Would a commercially-owned personal rental property be considered commercial property?

Companies by definition can't take out personal mortgages. They have to take out a commercial mortgage, or other business loan. A residential property would still be a residential property even if a corporation owns it.A corporat

Can you go broke by investing in prime real estate?

If you follow the classical mantra 'location, location, location' and invest in regularly in prime real estate, or, according to your economical level, in a company or fund that does this, what can go wrong?Poor management

Why do banks loan at APR ≤ 3%, rather than investing that principal in ETFs?

The sort answer is because the banks create money through lending, and bank lending is fundamental to a prosperous economy. They are not allowed to create money to invest in equities or ETFs. Investment banking is funded by a bank's funds available for investing.

I’m getting a refund for a product that I did not return

Perhaps the mistake will be caught before they actually refund the money. But if it isn't, and they refund it (presumably to a credit or debit card), I don't think you would "get in trouble" since this was Best Buy's mistake and not yours.The morally correc

Is this method of getting free money viable and consistent with law?

I did this twice many years ago, it was completely legal and it worked for me. I wouldn't do again.Here is what I did:The offer was 0% on balance transfers (no fees) for 2 yearsI applied for a transfer and used my debit card number

2% gain-and-out trading plan on the stock market

Common fallacy ...Every new trader "invents" this idea.You'll simply get closed out as stocks move down.So,I [buy a stock] and each time the stock goes up (even if only 1 moves each month) 2% I sell that stock

Do more people start a new job before the holidays?

I would think the opposite. If I were in a situation where I could pick my start date, unless I was really hard up for money, I wouldn't want to go into the holiday season with a new job that and no vacation time accrued. Who wants to work on Christmas eve?

Alternatives to mortgage for mobile expats

If I were planning to move every few years, I'd seriously consider renting, rather than purchasing.And remember - a home isn't an investment, it's a living expense. Buying is not always better than renting, even if you a

How to sell a stock in a crashing market?

Assuming you are referring to macro corrections and crashes (as opposed to technical crashes like the "flash crash") --It is certainly possible to sell stocks during a market drop -- by definition, the market is dropping not only because there are a larger

If a company reaches 100% market share, will the stock price stagnate?

The market share doesn't matter. The revenue matters, and the profit matters more. 100% market share means the company can still grow if they manage to grow the market. The 100% market share can make it possible to increase revenue and profits even if the market doe

If the market always goes up then why doesn't everybody invest and become rich?

For starters, not everyone has the money to invest because they live paycheck to paycheck so everybody isn't going to win nor are they going to get rich. Even those with a decent middle class income face obstacles. How much money is available to invest w

Claiming More Capital Losses

Yes, that's perfectly legit. Capital losses are anti-income, and are tax deductible in principle... But there are some artificial limits, and the accountant is advising how to avoid those. Nice thing, this deductibility bypasses the annoying $12,000 stand

What are the reasons a private company doesn't want to be on the stock market?

A company that goes public receives money from investors but then becomes partly owned by those investors, including possibly sharing the profit with them. If you don't need a large investment of money to expand your business, then why wou

Why not have stop loss orders on all your stocks?

Stop orders can be used for entry or exit and to protect an unrealized gain or minimize a loss.In broad terms, its usefulness depends on who you are. A value or growth investor is likely to have little use for stop orders since for the most part, their out

Can buying mutual funds that performed best in the past 10 years work?

No.Stock picking is a discipline that is rarely driven by skill. Funds that are in the top quartile for one year often will find themselves in a different quartile over the next years (c.f.

Can you buy out a pink sheet listed company by purchasing all of the outstanding shares?

Depends on the structure of the company and what shares are outstanding. If the pink sheet stock has no voting power then buying all that stock doesn't get you any control at all. On the other hand, if the outstanding shares only represent 20% of the company's ove

Is opening a new credit card worth the potential impact?

Having a backup credit card is a good idea. Last year I had my credit card number cancelled and changed 4 times in 6 months due to fraud. Each time it happened, I was without a credit card for several days while I waited for a new card, and it was inconvenient.

Can I Accept Gold?

You can accept almost anything mutually agreeable to you and the other party as payment. That's the definition of "barter". If you agree to trade manufactured goods for livestock, as long as both parties agree on the terms, I'm not aware of any law that would prohib

401K Market Timing

There is not a hidden cost or tax penalty in a tax advantaged account like your 401(k).Something that you are not considering is the option of allocating a portfolio with other assets like US treasury bonds that tend increase during a stock market correctio

What do we know about elementary financial education at highly ranked schools at the pre-college and early college levels in the US?

As a currently enrolled student in higher education (3rd year) and having lived in the united states for my entire life in a middle class household whilst going through the public school education system for my entirety of grade school years (graduated HS in 2016),

How can we force one of the joint owners of a shared property to sell it?

Get a lawyer. If you're having legal issues - get a lawyer. If you're having contract issues - get a lawyer. If your sister refuses to discuss the matter, I can't imagine how you'll resolve it without going to court. I'd guess that ulti

Paying credit card bill in segments -- good, bad, or neutral?

Even if there was a positive benefit to doing this (which there isn't), realize that utilization history is not tracked on a credit report. When your credit is checked, the current utilization is all that matters, so, the rule of thumb of having under 25% utilizatio

Should I apply for more credit cards?

Simply put, you're applying for too many lines of credit at a time, for the same type of credit, within too short a time period, and without sufficient history. This is not going to help your score and is probably a reason why you were denied. If that denial was t

Is buying a powerful motorcycle on loan is a good idea?

You have two different decisions: whether to purchase the motorcycle in the first place (which also requires insuring it), and if so, how to finance the purchase.The motorcycle you describe sounds like a luxury item and there are probably much less expensiv

How to calculate total interest payments for debt with two interest rates?

You will need to solve this problem iteratively. A spreadsheet is a good tool for iterative calculations.One approach is:Start with the higher of the two interest rates.Compute the monthly payment given that interest rate, the tota

Why is interest paid on the outstanding amount instead of the whole amount of a loan?

In a comment, you provided the following statement - which I feel is critical to understanding where your logic is breaking down (when compared to typical modern lending practices): You can stretch the repayments over multiple years and still

Is there a way to invest money like in lottery, but with a better, maybe even non-negative expected value?

In the UK, there is a government-backed scheme called Premium BondsThe general rule is that your investment in cash terms is guaranteed, and every month each "£1 bond" is entered into a pri

Does a company ever pay back the money to shareholders?

does the company ever have to pay that money back to the shareholders in any way, or is it essentially free money for the company?You pay back loans, but shares are portions of ownership

Moving in together, separate finances

This is almost exactly the situation my partner & I are currently in. There are a few things we took into consideration.Who is responsible for house repairs/improvements?What is the plan after the mortgage is paid off?Does the

received a credit to the card used to purchase a trip —how do I access that amount into my own checking account

Generally, credit card issuing banks will not automatically refund balances in your favor. Policies on how this is handled will vary from bank to bank, but it's typical that they would leave the credit on your account for several months - essentially using it to off

Why do banks park their money at the european central bank instead of buying stocks?

Regulatory restrictions?Yes. You should read more about fractional reserve banking.Banks lend away the money people have deposited into the ba

Should tenant be allowed to have rent due on x days past start of the lease?

In most jurisdictions you have quite a bit of latitude in what you and your tenant agree to. Some people like monthly expenses to hit at a time other than the 1st because of the timing of their paychecks and/or other monthly expenses.I take it as a sign the

Is the 30% of credit rule per month?

Treating 30% of utilization as a rule to be followed is dumb. It is a natural consequence of using a credit card correctly, not something to do for its own sake.The right way to use a credit card is to buy the things you were going to buy an

Is real estate considered a depreciable asset?

Re: "Real estate usually goes up in value" ... yes, the land, primarily.There's a difference between a building, and the land it is built on. A building won't last forever. Since it doesn't last forever, at some point it will need to be

Timing the market with a twist

Whenever there is an economic downturn (as evidenced simply by a majority of economists saying: "hey, we're in a downturn") you invest your money into a diversified portfolio that closely resembles the economy as a whole. Now you wait until th

What is a good size distribution for buying gold?

Diversification is an important aspect of precious metals investing. Therefore I would suggest diversifying in a number of different ways:You point out the problem with using gold for day-to-day transactions. So why are you only looking at gold? Go

Paying taxes on dividends even though your capital gains were $0?

In the US, and in most other countries, dividends are considered income when paid, and capital gains/losses are considered income/loss when realized.This is called, in accounting, "recognition". We recognize income when cash reaches our pocket, for tax purp

How can I budget to build up a down payment for a house over the course of a year?

You list about $2500 per month in expenses (rent, utilities, etc.), and say you have $3900+ in income per month. This leaves you $1400 per month. If you add this amount to your savings every month, you will have a bit over $17,000 saved in a year.You mentio

A relative transferred $31,000 to my bank account. Do I have to report this to the IRS?

Based on the extra details edited in, I want to modify my answer:he wants me to temporarily hold his money. he has issues with his wifeand he did not want to have any extra money on his personal account.This is dangerous.

Everyone got a raise to them same amount, lost my higher pay than the newer employees

Why do you think you are entitled to "fairness"? In this world you get what you get. I am pretty sure your employer is not paying you for how you "feel" either. And by-the-way turning up on time and not leaving early is not exceptional behaviour; it is expected beha

What, exactly, do you mean by an "Emergency Fund"?

An emergency fund is very well defined, both on this site and across the web. What are your monthly expenses? Groceries, bills, etc.If you were to lose all sources of income tomorrow, how would you pay for those items?An emer