How to structure answers in a 30 minute interview? (Interviewing)

I'm not sure it's your responsibility to manage the time. Answer the questions and give all the information that's relevant. A good interviewer should manage the time, not the one being interviewed. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with giving a

How to deal with a competent developer having trouble maintaining his productivity? (Software-industry)

It sounds like your developer has a problem with what is called "executive function". I have the same problem. Put simply, he can get the job done but he can't manage himself. I'm getting treatment for it.What helps from management perspective is tight d

How to handle micromanaging coworker (Micro-management)

I can imagine it is frustrating you. I had the same thing, but in my case this co-worker was much more senior than me. "It's okay, but if you just... " - and then he changed almost everything, and not even making it better, just different. While I really respected h

My employer is moving office, can they ask me to resign if I don't accept the change? (Contracts)

There's no default assumption in Dutch Law stating that this is either allowed or disallowed; each case has to be considered individually.In your case, one factor in your advantage is that there's significantly more travel time. But we don't know how strong

What are my options after missing the new grad hiring window? (Job-search)

Is it worth applying to jobs with 1-2 year experience requirements?Absolutely.1-2 years of experience is the spot where many budding developers have first learned the ropes of working within a business, and have gotten

How to ask your manager as if he asked CEO about a request you made (Professionalism)

I don't consider chasing to be bad etiquette after a reasonable length of time. Where they've given [x] days, I always wait until [x]+1 and then I'll simply send an e-mail with Hi Boss, I just wondered if you'd had a chance to spea

Employee wants to bring in his dog for a kids event (Professionalism)

Do not give in to his demands. His demands are beyond stupid (and I say this as a no-child dog owner). This is not a bring-your-beloved-pet-day. Best case scenario is the dog will be bored to death sitting next to Joe listening to him explaining his

What is the best term I can use to describe a distributed programming team (Team)

"Geographically distributed programming team" is probably fine; just a bit clearer for folks who haven't worked in such a group, while retaining the most common phrase I've heard for describing this arrangement. I don't think there is a s

Is CC'ing the manager in first e-mail regarding urgent matter considered escalation? (Communication)

Is CCing the manager in first E-mail regarding urgent matter considered escalation?Absolutely it's considered escalation, since you've gone over and above the normal means of contacting them (phone / email directly to t

How much personal information am I obligated to share with my manager? (Time-off)

For US employees, the Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to permit you unpaid time off, up to 12 weeks, to take care of a parent (with a fairly wide range of definitions - not just biological). See

Does anyone have any advice for a chronically unemployed/underemployed developer? (Job-search)

I don't want to go back to school, take a pay cut, or start all over again in a different field.I'd suggest you decide to relax one or more of your "wants". It's probably not reasonable to expect your outcome to be different w

Long term disability and resignation notice (Resignation)

You give the customary notice period, what you would give if you were not on long term disability. If you would normally give 2 weeks, you give 2 weeks. If you would give 3 months, you give 3 months. You give the professional and customary notice, because you're

I have two bosses to work with. How to work when both say conflicting things? (Management)

You throw the conflict back to them to resolve. Write an email addresed to both descibing what each has asked you to do and ask them to set the priorities on the tasks. It is best to surface this conflict immediately. So A tells you to do

How to respond to "this MUST be done" when I don't know how to do "this"? (United-states)

What do you need in order to be able to solve the issues? Come back with a proposal.Perhaps you need additional training in some technology or methodology to be able to do the root cause analysis. Perhaps you need a consultant (from a vendor or a third pa

Working on Internal Project with no expectations from Manager (Communication)

I keep myself busy with challenges and competition online and answering questions on portalsI assume your employer doesn't pay your salary to have you do this kind of stuff. First you can try setting up a meeting with y