I am doing a 3-6 month internship, how do I ask for the job at 3 months? (Internship)

My approach would be:Book a 1 on 1 with your direct supervisor. If you have regularly scheduled 1 on 1's then you can just wait for your next one... but in a company without a regularly scheduled 1 on 1 culture, book a private meeting and mention that

How to deal with a lying customer? (Email)

It's obvious that he's lying, but I don't want to create a conflict inside the client - he appears to be a good accountant , what is the best way to gracefully deal with such a situation.Talk with whoever is your direct cont

Dealing with a senior colleague not pulling his weight (Work-environment)

Welcome to the working world, which is unfortunately full of relationships like this. If you decide to leave over this, you will probably find yourself in a similar situation down the road.I would opt for a combination of #3 and #4 you've listed above. If y

Should I be concerned about my bonus when putting in notice? (Job-change)

I would NOT give notice until the bonus is in your bank account (and cleared). Even if you've been given a letter that states your bonus and the paydate. I had a coworker miss out on a fairly sizable bonus because he put in his notice between being notifi

How do I complain about having sub-standard laptop compared to more junior employees? (Professionalism)

Just ask your manager/team lead.At my place of work, laptops only get swapped out if they're beyond warranty and there's a problem with it. However, it is possible to ask and get the hardware request approved by your manager. I did this a few years ago in

Can companies use my assignment in their product without my permission? (Interviewing)

Skipping the concept of submitting assignments as part of the application process for a moment...Everybody searching for a job finds that a significant number of companies never respond, or they issue a short response via email or website that you haven't m

Should I accept a raise when I am planning on leaving the company? (Work-environment)

My one year review is due and my Front Office Manager has verbally informed me they're planning on giving me a raise. The problem is I'm hoping to leaving the country in two months, I'm waiting for a decision to be made on a visa appli

Dealing with under appreciation and lack of respect (Professionalism)

As a database person I have gotten a lot of the same stuff. Some people have to believe that any choice other than the one they personally made is bad. So you are wrong if you have a different profession, you are wrong if you have a differnt religion, you a

Growing fresh out developers (Career-development)

How does learning to fly actually work?How can I let Chris spread his wings without creating so much extra work for myself?Watch thi

Can I state a offer I got from a really small company where I didn't go to, to my next employers? (Interviewing)

Can I show this offer letter in any future interviews or say that I'm currently working at this company?Yes you can. I wouldn't. What will be the downsides of doing so?If future in

Ask for a paid taxi in order to arrive as early as possible for an interview within the city (Professionalism)

I was in a similar situation once, a few years ago, and I chose to cover the expenses myself.To me it seemed like a good investment, considering I really wanted the job.While there's probably no harm in asking, I figured: why take the chance it might offen

Unable to get the relieving letter (Resignation)

While it is very sad and painful to read your story, I suggest very politely calling the VP or personally visiting the company one last time. Their you say that you need this letter for your career and see what they answer (if possible keep the audio/video recorder

Are there repercussions to opting to be furloughed? (Career-development)

You probably would not directly hurt your career as the definition of essential and non-essential is more about who is needed in an emergency than whether the job is needed, so it is unlikely to mean your job would get eliminated by volunteering. However as

Boss prefers his own less optimal solution at startup (Professionalism)

Your boss started a business. Since you feel this logo will factor into the decision making of potential clients, it must be a business that provides graphic design services in a significant way. I see three possibilities:Your boss is terrible at g

agency communications with employer (Human-resources)

If this worries you, then just ask the agency not to mention it, although I would be certain that the company already has your details, including date of birth, for their HR files. That said, in "several" decades of contracting, the company has

Does putting LaTeX as a skill on my resume make me look too academic? (Resume)

This depends on what exactly you're applying for.If you're applying to a company that produces textbooks and they use LaTeX for their typesetting it would definitely be a plus.If you're applying to a college/university or a shop with lots of *NIX s

Should I tell my manager I desire to start my own business in future? (Employer-relations)

I would not mention wanting to start your own business "in the future", for several reasons :It may not happenIt is not relevant - you are not handing in your notice yetThe manager could "skip" you for training as

Would it be fair to accept edits on the assignment when the candidate sent my company's hidden assignment? (Hiring)

Follow your own process. Step 2 is to "send assignment to filtered candidate / filter by that assignment". This is the process your organization created for managing this process. Use it. This is what you will be doing for all other candidates.

Should I correct my coworkers' language mistakes? (Professionalism)

If it isn't broken, don't fix it.Your colleagues have been working with the customer longer than you have, and if the customers are okay with the imperfect English, then you shouldn't meddle with it too much. You have shared your knowledge

How To Handle An Ignored Request (Professionalism)

Given that you've reached out to this person multiple times at this point with no response, the next step is to escalate. Either send a ticket / email to a more senior ticket-handler (referencing the earlier tickets and your responses) or to this pe

Joining a team of rather old developers (Colleagues)

Don't worry you will catch up to their age one day ;) I joined my team when I was 22 four years ago and am the youngest by about ~25 years. I haven't had any issues being sociable. Adults are most of the time adults and it's pretty easy to be taken serious when you

I am happy with my job but do they know what they are doing..? (Developer)

(Converting comments to answer since people always yell at me for that)You clearly came off as intelligent in the interview and capable of learning something given enough time. Possibly this 'sitecore' project is something that needs work to be done on it,

Is 2 year IT degree with 4 year business degree enough? (Job-search)

Some companies will have a policy (right or wrong) of a degree to be considered. You satisfy that. Many programmers don't have a computer science degree. Domain (marketing) knowledge is very valuable for a programmer working on marketing

Deducing required qualifications from North American job adverts (United-states)

How can I judge what level of qualifications and competence the recruiters are expecting given a relatively "vague" advert?Not all North American employers post "vague" job requirements. Many are extremely detailed and restric

Unequal vacation time (Vacation)

NopeWell to be more precise there is nothing constructive you can do about the situation. Just because your company messed up one negotiation with one group of people does not mean they have to reward a totally different group.The company has alre

Should I pay for a certificate from a free online course? (Resume)

In my experience, no. I completed some courses on Coursera and simply listed the names of the courses that I had completed. Nobody asked for proof, and if they did I would tell them the truth - that I considered it a waste of money to pay $79 for a

Should I put the job I was fired from on my resume when there was a hostile altercation/police involved (Termination)

Should I put job I was fired from on resume when there was a hostile altercation/police involvedYou should attempt to construct your resume in such a way that it puts you in the best light for prospective employers. Thus, you

Task lead discusses uncomfortable things/makes hurtful comments; how to redirect? (Professionalism)

To put it bluntly this is sexual discrimination bordering on harassment. I don't think Bob is a genuinely nice guy, at all, as his behavior is so inappropriate, even simple cluelessness does not cut it as an "excuse". To be clear, he is

How to not throw a coworker under a bus? (Software-industry)

I see a couple of areas for "improvement" here. I'm the first real developer the company has hired.So you've identified a gap in some domain knowledge/areas. That's good; that means you know you need to work more closely

How long should you keep your payslips? (Salary)

If you are in the UK, the tax year goes from 6th April to 5th April and I would advise payslips be kept either until the form P60 is received at the end of the tax year, or until a form P45 is received after leaving the job. If you wish to be extra cautious keeping

How to interview for a new job when working full time? (Interviewing)

Most interviews are not on non-business hours. The reason is simple, everybody wants to have his/her own personal time on non-business hours. You are afraid you'll be wasting your PTO, they are worried that they are wasting their personal time for you.You e

Is it appropriate to ask why my promotion was not announced? (Management)

If it's important enough that you are bothered you should ask your boss if this was an oversight. If they say the policy has changed or it doesn't apply in this situation then consider swallowing your pride and moving on but the best way to get what you want is oft

Should I extend my time in office to learn new things? (Software-industry)

My IT corporation considers learning new things as crucial part of their competitiveness. So out of 8 hours of daily working time, we are expected to work 7 hours on projects and have 1 hour for other activities, especiallylearning new things

Is it reasonable to ask for an employer to pay off a student loan, and take a pay cut to compensate? (Salary)

No.You'd be essentially asking your employer for a loan/advance to cover debt you incurred in good faith. Unless your employer is a bank, they're not in that business. If your employer is a bank, they would route you through the usual channels and

Post-Interview - Should I follow up with interviewer and recruiter? (Interviewing)

TLDR: Keep dealing directly with your recruiter whether it's a recruitment firm or a representative of the company you're interviewing with.Proper protocol dictates that all further communication be routed through the recruiter. While addit

Translating a foreign-language Letter of Recommendation (Resume)

I have relatives in Eastern Europe, and have had to get documents translated officially all the time. We employ the services of a notary - they translate, and sign/seal the translation as official. I just Googled "Berlin official document translation" and s

How to remind the HR for the interview? (Interviewing)

How should I follow up?Not at all, it's waste of time and highly unlikely to do any good. Just keep looking and applying elsewhere.Interviews fall off the radar ALL THE TIME. Job got filled, budget got shifted, a more impo

Can an employer cut the probation period pay before signing an contract? (Salary)

It's a little underhand. Sometimes the person who hired you may have genuinely forgotten that probation pay is less than full pay. The savings to the company are only a few thousand, assuming your probation period is only a few months.The key point is that s

Will it affect me negatively if I put in my CV that I am still studying? (Job-search)

Your CV will reflect that you're a student and you currently have a job. I cannot see what else you could state without lying or at least bending the truth.Your position is not as weak as you seem to believe: Despite 'only' being a student, you have been en

How can I interview my future team leader? (Interviewing)

Let me try to answer your question but from another angle. When I initially took over a software development group from a manager that was just ousted, I inherited 17 developers that were somewhat bitter and morale was way down. It was a hard situation for me and ho

Discussing salary for the first time - Intern (Salary)

The amount of your compensation should be a high priority, but it shouldn't be the first priority when deciding where you wish to work. I've worked in companies where I was well above the average for someone in my field, but I was miserable because of the lack of di

Had miscarriage, how to deal with coworkers (Colleagues)

First of all, my condolences. I hope you get through this difficult time, and please realize it is not shameful or your fault. It is very common - this article estimates 1 in 4 women go through it.Shar

How do I prevent employees from either switching to competitors or opening their own business? (Professionalism)

I would focus on: don't want my technical staff abandon me when they believe that they can have more benefits elsewhererather than the last one because that is basically a question of "Non-compete clause" (and to that th

Using LinkedIn as my only point of contact on a publicly posted resume (Resume)

If you are interested in people contacting you to potentially hire you, then this is a bad idea.You are explicitly limiting the numbers of people who will or can contact you, and for those who will still contact you, you are making the process more difficul

Being ignored for direct hire (Fulltime)

Pay 60% more to outsourceThe likely issue is that is probably financially simplier to pay you a fixed contract, rather than lock you in as an employee. If grants are involved, it probably makes for far simplier account-keeping. The

How can I appropriately ask for a lower salary once I have an offer? (Salary)

How can I appropriately ask for a lower salary once I have an offer?Unless you are independently wealthy or have taken a vow of poverty, don't do this.Think about it this way -- your employer interviews

Coworker refused to to their assigned task; how to mention that in upcoming meeting with a new boss after a move inside the same company? (Professionalism)

The best way to talk about "dark spots" is to be able to describe and show evidence of what you've learned.You've identified that you had a failure - you were supposed to coordinate a task, and an employee who had an important step proved difficult to manag

What point does company's generosity during the interview process have? (Interviewing)

The usual reason for being generous during a job interview is simply to leave the interviewee with a good impression. Job interviews go both ways, after all.If they offer you the job: "wow, these guys didn't just offer me a job but sorted out my travel too,

How can I deal with abuse by my boss? (Work-environment)

Based on your description of this being a long standing pattern of behavior that hasn't changed despite you discussing it with your boss, you have a situation that is really unlikely to be solved as long as you are working with this boss. If it is possible to solve,

Fired for cause, how to explain during interviews (Interviewing)

You're not at all being clear on what happened. You said you made a poor judgement call. Did you make that call on the fly, or is the judgement call defensible in view of the facts available to you at the time? Yo

Is it legal to be fired earlier than your intended resignation date? (Management)

Is it legal, or common to be "let go" earlier than your intended departure date?Yes, it's legal. And while I wouldn't call it "common", I've seen it happen a few times at a few companies. In one of those cases, I know that the

Best approach to showing how you have saved your company a lot of money in an interview/resume? (Interviewing)

In the question you say: About one third of the people were asking for refunds.That is your starting point: Responsible for a major modification to the product which reduced the number of requests for refunds from 33%

How to convince my co-worker to accept night shift instead of me? (Professionalism)

For most people, life is more than work, life is also hobby, family, rest and anything else. For many people, night shifts are no-go, because they will make them tired, or unhappy, or upset their family, or anything else. You can't expect that your senior c

Encouraging open communication at work with an IT Auditor (Communication)

I think @RickardU hit the nail on the head. The problem is probably with the perception of your role due to your title. An auditor is generally seen as someone who's job it is to check other peoples work and find their deficiencies and failures. That role is ofte

What is the best way to present to a boss an idea of group of us leaving for a startup (Software-industry)

It's best to be clear about what you're doing before you announce it.You're taking some key people from the current company.You're asking for your startup to be partly financed by contract work from the current company.It's p

What should I do if I find a software is horribly designed? (Software-development)

What should I do?You should express your concerns in a professional and polite way to the project leader.Seems that you know who the leader is (this Ph.D. student), so you should take your concerns, to them, explain why tho

Manager trying to drag team into office politics (Professionalism)

Best practice is not to get involved with other peoples conflicts and ultimatums unless you have the status to force change without repercussions to yourself.In this instance I would advise just letting her dig herself a hole without your help or hindrance.

Is it unethical to take a can of soda from the kitchen fridge after work hours? (Professionalism)

I think as long as you're not filling a sack of them, you're ethically fine. That being said, you could find yourself in hot water if it's written somewhere that they're for you during work hours, and then find yourself on the wrong side of someone

Handed in notice and now owner is being very difficult with me (Resignation)

unless I get some work before I go he will be charging me £900 for training I did 12 months agoHere in the UK - and I'm guessing that you're in the UK too, based on the currency symbol you're using - that is not legal (unl

I don't have very much work to do. What should I do about it? (Ethics)

Question: What should I do?Question here is: Is there no technical / hands-on work for the company / department as a whole, or there are assignments but you're not assigned one?Either way, given your situation