Car Possession being threatened by Signer

Did the police come, what did they say? How is the car titled? In their name only? How is the loan, in their name only?If the car is financed and titled, in their name, then they own the car. It probably does not matter if you made the payments or down

Fidelity funds vs S&P 500 (Is fidelity just "bad" at managing money?)

I thought it would be good to diversify with a couple of funds.By diversifying you made it so that on average you will under-perform the best of the options you picked, it also made it so you would over-perform the worst of the opt

What's the most conservative split of financial assets for my portfolio in today's market?

Before investing, absolutely follow the advice in mbhunter's answer.There is no safe investment (unless y

What are the benefits of opening an IRA in an unstable/uncertain economy?

IRAs have huge tax-advantages. You'll pay taxes when you liquidate gold and silver. While volatile, "the stock market has never produced a loss during any rolling 15-year period (1926-2009)" [PDF]

How long are checks issued by Bank of America valid?

I found an article that discusses this subject. It seems that the length of time before a check expires depends on the state and the bank: Discussions about personal check expiration

Is trading stocks easier than trading commodities?

There are a number of ways trading stocks is easier than commodities:Stocks have generally more trading activity lowering the cost to tradeGenerally commodities trading used to involve mostly trading

How do I figure out if I will owe taxes

Do I get a write off for paying student loans?Maybe. See Generally, personal in

Comparing 401(k) contributions from two different employers

Presumably Company A gives the 6% match as a 100% match of your first 6%. Not that this is an important detail, but it does require that you set aside 6% of your salary to receive the match instead of 5% at Company B.For the monthly 4% match to come out ahe

Is churning an effective way of saving money?

I think you are misinterpreting what churning is. As you have stated it is to "take advantage of promotional offers" (emphasis mine). That is, offers that go above and beyond the normal card rewards of a few percent cash back, or similar marginal rewards.

Why do credit unions in Germany charge a monthly fee (Kreditvereine Kostenloses Girokonto)?

The simple answer is "because many people do not care enough". There are still some (internet) banks that will offer you a giro account for free, though most of them require you to have a certain monthly income payed to this account.The banking busi

Can a friend put up collateral for my secured loan?

Short answer: yes, you can put up collateral for someone else's loan. The bank will be happy to take your money, give it to the other person, and return it to you on completion of the loan (keeping the interest the security makes on the money market and the

Why is it 100 oz and not one ounce?

100 ounces is the size of one contract, but the quote is in dollars per ounce. See the spec on CME and

Why buy bonds in a no-arbitrage market?

Rates are a complex field.I will assume that context wise you are talking about rates for a individual saver quantities.The two rates you are asking about are personal bank saving account and exchange traded bonds.The points you want to co

How to explain quick price changes early in the morning would note some options expiration this week that may be a clue as this would be the typical end of quarter stuff so I suspect it may hap

Family inheritance and property

To me you guys are opening yourselves up to all kinds of hurt feelings and possible disputes over fair valuations. If it was me, I would leave each child 50% of each property. At the time of death, a determination could be made on what to do with the prope

How can I pay for school to finish my degree when I can't get a student loan and have bad credit?

When considering such a major life decision, with such high potential costs and high potential rewards, I encourage you to consider multiple different potential options. Even if loans were available, they might not be the best option. Less debt and an engineering de

Should tax refunds be debited from expense or income accounts?

For personal accounting there are no regulations, so do whatever suits you.Arguably, on a cash basis a credit to an expense account makes the most sense. Treat it as you would had you bought an item at a store, then returned it. It's not really income, but

How do you bring a credit card back into no-interest mode after making a less-than-full payment?

I realize I can stop interest charges at a point in time (not retroactively) on the already outstanding balance simply by paying it off. However, what is the optimal strategy to stop the interest charges on the current month's upcoming expense

Can the bank legally deduct an amount from the coins I gave them?

That completely depends on the circumstances.If their T&Cs say that they charge a fee for counting coins, e. g. when they are over a certain amount or number, then sure, this is lawful.If the fee depends on whether you are a customer with them or

Why should I worry about the variance of the return?

As Dilip stated, the return (CAGR) will not be the same as the average. For the simple mathematical explanation - (R+x)(R-x) will return R^2-x^2 over the two periods, not the average R^2 result. The higher the variance, the worse the return over time. The issue may

Whether to prepay mortgage or invest in stocks

I strongly doubt your numbers, but lets switch the question around anyway. Would you borrow 10k on your house to buy stocks on leverage? That's putting your house at risk to have the chance of a gain in the stock market (and nothing in the market is sure,

How to work around the Owner Occupancy Affidavit to buy another home in less than a year?

Danger. The affidavit is a legal document.Understand the risk of getting caught. If you are planning on using the condo to generate income the chances that you default on the loan are higher than an owner occupied property. That is why they demand more down

What to do with savings for 3-5 years?

Quick pay off the student loans. You have 140K in savings with a combined salary of 170K. You are looking to make money with the 140K, so just pay off the loans. It will turn your monthly loan payments in to a stream of money that can be used to save money for the n

How do companies like WhatsApp and Hike earn money?

In the case of WhatsApp they probably use revenue from the apple affiliate program, this is how it works:After you sign up and are accepted you can generate links. When someone clicks on the link a cookie is installed on their iDevice, this cookie attribute

Should I pay off my house

If it were me, I'd be debt free today, Monday, at latest. 100K-(53K+31.2K) = 15.8K would be my bank balance by this afternoon.I am not sure why you would count 6K of your daughter's money as yours to use. Either it is her money, or yours, not both.

Consolidate my debt? Higher APR, but what does that actually mean?

does that mean that 30% of my monthly payment goes to interest?No, it's much worse then that. The APR is the annual percentage rate. An APR of 3

What are the possible benefits and risks of buying an old house in a far away area?

You appear to be assuming that even if the value of the property does not rise in the future, it will at least remain. Have you considered that you may never be able to sell such a house for even 20k in the future? As you noted, the population in t

How I can convince bank to proceed with chargeback for the scam broker?

I've tried to call my UK's bank to explain my situation, but as soon they've heard it's about a scam trading company, they say the chargeback doesn't apply for trading accounts according to their policy.The Bank is right. You wi

Someone is asking for my bank account. Am I going to get hacked or robbed?

TBH, you give out your "account number, account name and the routing number for (your) bank" every time you write a check and give it to someone.But... yes, someone asking for that information can be safely assumed to be acting in a nefari

Are there corporations in which I can invest with a clear conscience?

This is a good question, not just because corporations have been known to have environmentally destructive practices.However, no two ethical questions, even just about pollution, are really the same. There might be some computer company gaining ground near

Why can it be a bad idea to buy stocks after hours?

There are several reasons it is not recommended to trade stocks pre- or post-market, meaning outside of RTH (regular trading hours).Liquidity is very low compared to RTHFills of market orders can be way off your ordered price (= possiblyhig

Are there any recognized retirement plans / IRA accounts that also allow me to trade in stocks/options

You can open a self-directed IRA with most any online discount broker. Self-directed IRA is the answer to your question and that is the account type you need to ask different institutions about. Some will allow options trading as well and I have never had a

Is this considered structuring?

See "Structuring transactions to evade reporting requirement prohibited."You absolutely run the risk of the accusation of structuring. One can move money via check, direct transf

Do extra mortgage payments typically go directly towards principal?

In your title you ask what happens typically. In the body of the question you ask if you have to specify how the extra payment will be treated.The answer is you have to ask your lender about your loan. My loan is through my credit union. I can make an extra

Should I use retirement savings to reduce mortgage given the following:

I'm sorry for your situation. If 15 years of maximum savings only has you at $60K, I'm going to assume you are currently in the 15% bracket. A withdrawal will cost you 15% (and maybe push you into the 25% bracket) as well as the 10% penalty, and state tax.

Must I pay a credit card balance after receipt of the statement, or can I pay as I go?

Yes, you can pay off your credit card as early as you like, even before the closing date. If you do this, you'll see this payment on your next statement, and the amount due will be adjusted accordingly. And as long as you pay the entire statement balance by the stat

Why do credit card companies keep advertising balance transfers to those who don't carry a balance?

This is a US-centric answer, which may not apply in other countries. Given that credit card companies have access to your credit information, why do they keep advertising balance-transfer options to people who have great credit and never carr

Calculating interest for a loan made for a friend on a credit card

16.5% APR is a touch under 1.5% monthly (12th root of 116.5).Assuming lump-sum repayment at the end of the period...Your friend borrowed $3700, held it for 11 months, then repaid. $3700*(116.5^1/12)^11) comes out to total cost of $4256.(Go

Pay index fund expense ratios with cash instead of fund balance

In many cases the expenses are not pulled out on a specific day, so this wouldn't work.On the other hand some funds do charge an annual or quarterly fee if your investment in the fund is larger than the minimum but lower than a "small balance" value. Many f

Bonds: Why repay the principal at the maturity date all at once?

Many companies never intend to reduce their debt to zero. Instead, they rollover their debt: Rather than paying off the principle of a debt when it comes

What is the meaning of "writing put options"?

"Write" means sell to open. It is called that because options writers are creating (i.e. writing) new contracts. No such thing as "reading" an option.

Investment for beginners in the United Kingdom

I'd go to specialist community web sites such as The Motley Fool and read their investing articles, and their forums, and everything. You cannot get enough information and advice to get going, as it is re

Do you avoid tax when taking a home equity loan?

You'll be taxed when you sell the house, but not before that (or if you do some other transaction that realizes the gain, talk to your real estate attorney or accountant for more details).A Home Equity line-of-credit is simply a secured loan: it's

Can I prove having savings without giving out the account number?

Giving out your bank account number is not generally a security problem. The first time you write your landlord a security deposit or rent check, he'll have your account number. (It's printed on the check.)That having been said, in my experience, banks do

If you buy shares in a company, and they go up a lot, is that only "theoretical" money, or "actual" money?

It isn't money at all. When you start out, you have $100 and no stocks. When you buy the stock, you no longer have any money, but you have X shares of ACME. When the price doubles, you still have no money, and still have X shares of ACME.However, th

Are 'no interest if paid in in x months' credit cards worth it?

You can't buy it outright.You can't take the time to save up.if the remaining choice is between a card that charges from day one, and a card with this kind of grace period, the grace card is the better choice. Plan wisely, pay it in full before that rate s

Where to Park Proceeds from House Sale for 2-5 Years?

As soon as you specify FDIC you immediately eliminate what most people would call investing. The word you use in the title "Parking" is really appropriate. You want to preserve the value. Therefore bank or credit union deposits into either a high yield account or a

Is credit card arbitrage still viable?

Here in the UK it's certainly possible. We call it stoozing.The basic steps areGet a credit card with a long 0% period for purchases and a savings account with as high a rate as possible.Do your regular shopping on the credit card,

Relocating - Shall I sell my house now or wait for its value to increase?

You are making an assumption that the house will appreciate in the short term, which there is no way you can know. You will probably take a bath financially selling a house after one year into a mortgage even if you sell it for what you paid for it.If ther

$10,000 minimum fee for a financial advisor?

A percentage fee advisor will not have your best interests in mind. It's equivalent to usury, in my opinion.A fixed-fee (or fee-only, or flat fee) financial planner is your best bet. There are

Does ROE project future returns?

ROE is not your return as an investor - that is what you are missing.To work out your return as an investor you need to add your capital growth to your income from the stocks.To work out your capital growth you work out the percentage increase or d

Is it possible to quantify the probability of sudden big movements for a high-volume stock?

Certainly no one knows in advance how much a stock is going to swing around. However, there are measures of how much it has swung around in the past, and there are people who will estimate the probability.First of all, there's a measure of an indiv

Why could rental costs for apartments/houses rise while buying prices can go up and down?

I am from Australia, so my answer is based on my experience over here, however it should be similar for the USA.Generally, what determines both the price of houses/apartments and the rents for them is supply and demand.When there is high demand and

What can I do all year to be sure I get my best tax return or at least break even?

You get back what you overpaid and owe what you underpaid. So the simple answer to your question is: Just pay more taxes during the year, whether through paycheck deductions or estimated tax payments or something. The easiest way to do this is to ad

minimum repayment on home loan

You mention (emphasis mine): When I'm looking around for loans, they mention the loan period (usually 30 years) the variable interest rate (3-5%) and the LVR% ratio (usually 80%) needed to start the loan

How to split monthly profits in a co-owned (mortgaged) home when we invested different downpayments, and only one of us lives there?

You really need to wear two separate hats, the tenant hat and the (co)owner hat. Your brother will wear a co-owner hat as well. You should also, separately, loan your brother enough money that you make equal down payments. He should pay you back separately, outside

Is there a way to buy raw oil today and sell it in 1 year time?

There are many ways of investing either directly or indirectly in oil:There are commodities brokers that will sell you oil by thebarrel and store it for you but the minimum lot size is likely to belarge and storage costs may destroy any gains that y

Resident sibling paying property taxes until inherited house sale--financially fair/appropriate?

One way to look at it is to ask yourself what you would have to pay if you moved out and rented a house or apartment on your own. If the cost of doing that is comparable to the cost you pay by living in the house, it would seem that that is a reasonable price for t

Why does an option lose time value faster as it approaches expiry

If you think about it, the value of an option comes from the chance that the price at the expiration date can exceed the strike price. As it gets closer to the expiration date, the chance is getting smaller, because there is simply not enough time for an out-of-mone

Are traders 100% responsible for a stock's price changes?

Traders = every market participant. Not some shadow figure that excludes you just because you passively drop cash into a 401k Vanguard fund every paycheck.So yes, if everyone stopped trading then the price won't move. Trades are 100% responsible for the pri