To access an account and make money transfer

You asked,

Is this legal?

There is likely no law preventing your friend from giving you his credentials, however it's almost 100% certain that your friend's financial institution has a user agreement regarding use of their online banking tools which prohibit your friend from sharing their credentials. Banks will sometimes take drastic measures if they detect this (such as removing that customer's access to online banking, or even dropping the customer all together) and many banks have sophisticated tools to detect when it does happen.

That said, the burden is on your friend, they're the ones breaking the user agreement - not you.

But more importantly than all that, any time personal info or financial details change hands, there's an implied level of trust that needs to be in place. Do you trust this person? How well do you know them? If, by "friend," you mean "someone I've known since childhood, who I would easily trust with my life" then you may already have a level of trust that makes this a non-issue.

But, when you say "friend," if you really mean "a stranger I met on Facebook who has been talking really nice to me, but I don't actually know them at all in real life" then this is almost certainly a scam, and you should treat it as such.

And, at the end of the day - you have to ask yourself, why isn't your friend taking a more conventional route to resolve their problem? If they have a legitimate bill, and a legitimate account at a bank, but they're having trouble accessing their account online, they could certainly call the bank and either make the payment over the phone, or troubleshoot their connectivity issues without your involvement.

Unless you know the person from personal contact for longer, this is probably a scam.

What he will give you are stolen credentials, and you will transfer money out of some poor sods account onto the scammers account, and when the owner informs the police, guess who they will come to.

What shall I do?

Realise that your friend is not actually your friend and is trying to trick you into doing something illegal for their benefit. You are the fall-guy the police will arrest.

Is this legal?


Maybe the account details they will give you are details stolen from some victim. If you do as asked, you will log on to the victims account and perform the actual theft of the victims money. This crime will be traced to you.